Specialized Gynecological Care in Las Vegas

We provide a full spectrum of gynecological care including specialized services such as fertility consultations. Our providers are compassionate and knowledgeable and we prioritize educating our patients.


Your menstrual cycle typically contains a few days where you have a much higher chance of getting pregnant. This period is called your “fertile window.” It can be hard to nail down the exact dates of your fertile window on your own. That is where we can help. If you are trying to get pregnant, we provide fertility consultations to better your understanding of your fertile windows.

Our specialists can help you figure out the best times during your cycle to conceive. You can learn how to track your cycle accurately and detect any abnormalities that could be causing fertility problems. This is called the “fertility awareness method.” While some women use this method to avoid pregnancy, it is also helpful when trying to become pregnant.

We can run preliminary tests to determine whether you have complex fertility needs that require an outside specialist. We also perform a general exam to look for any health problems that could be causing fertility issues. Sometimes there are underlying conditions that are preventing you from getting pregnant right away. We can look for these and provide treatment if necessary.

There are a lot of lifestyle factors that influence fertility, too. Things like caffeine intake, activity level, and body mass index can all affect your fertility.

Fertility problems can be incredibly frustrating for couples when they are trying to conceive. We can help you narrow down the best practices for fertility and conception.

We will assess your current lifestyle habits and come up with possible solutions to your fertility issues. Genetics, lifestyle habits, and many other complicated factors influence your fertility. Our team understands and can help you with resources for emotional support during this time. Fertility problems bring up a lot of complex emotions for couples who are trying to get pregnant. We understand and we want to help you. Our dedicated team of compassionate specialists will provide you with resources for fertility support and refer you to an outside fertility specialist if needed.

Trusted OB/GYN in Summerlin South

I have been going to Dr. Norton since I was 19. He delivered 2 of my children.I can say for many years he has been the best OBGYN for me. I also have Met so many wonderful great staff who are very helpful and genuinely kind. Thank you, to the best OBGYN Dr. Alexander Norton!

Marlena R. | Verified Patient

5 years ago I gave birth to a healthy baby girl thanks to Dr Norton. I have not thing but the utmost respect for Dr Norton and staff. So thank you and keep up with the good work.

Elena H. | Verified Patient

Dr. Norton and his nurse were absolutely fantastic! Their attentive, respectful, caring, and personable attitudes made my wife look forward to her appointments. She truly is sad that she doesn't get to see them as often now that our little boy has arrived. Thank you SO much for your help in making her pregnancy and delivery a wonderful, happy, and loving experience.

Patrick H. | Verified Patient

First experience with this clinic and could not be more impressed. It met the expectations I was told by others. It's a busy clinic but every staff was so nice, smiling, and welcoming. Really felt like you were their only patient. Will definitely recommend! Thank you Doctor Norton and Amazing Staff.

Tarik I. | Verified Patient

I can only speak as someone who goes in for annual exams and depo shots, but I've never had an issue.  Waiting room is pleasant, never waiting more than 15 minutes past my appointment time and everyone is professional.

Stephanie T. | Verified Patient

Love my doctor, Doctor Norton is amazing! I’m ready to have my first baby in a couple weeks and I trust him entirely!

Olivera V. | Verified Patient